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Five miniature bobsleds climb to the top of the track and then race down. Includes music, many LED lights and illuminated cabins. Plays 15 Christmas carols and 15 year-round classics. UL listed A/C adapter included.

Size: Approximately 18" wide


No music or motion
No power--battery poweredMake sure the 4 AA battieries are inserted correctly and are new, changebatteries if necessary. Then turn OFF/ON/CLOCK switch to ON position.
Music is playing but figures are not moving

Power is interruptedTurn power off and then on again and make sure all batteries are new andinserted correctly.
Music is not playing but there
is motion

VOLUME dial is on MIN Turn VOLUME dial towards MAX
No music or motion
No power--adapter poweredMake sure the adapter is plugged into a working outlet and the adapter jack issecurely attached to the back of the unit. Then turn OFF/ON/CLOCK switch to ONposition.
Music is too loud, too soft or
not audible

VOLUME dial is incorrectly adjustedAdjust VOLUME dial to your preference
Music is playing but Clock is
not working

Clock battery is dead Insert new AA-size battery in the comparment behind the chimney
Music is not playing but there
is motion

Pause between songs Wait one or two seconds for the next song to start

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