Stepping Santa

Stepping Santa

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36891 - Ladder $7.50 Add 36891 - Ladder to Cart
36895-Ladder $7.50 Add 36895-Ladder to Cart
36895-Valance $7.50 Add 36895-Valance to Cart
Adaptor - 12vAC/1200mA $12.00 Add Adaptor - 12vAC/1200mA to Cart
36891 - Valance $7.50 Add 36891 - Valance to Cart
Item #: 36895


Santa climbs up and down his Christmas ladder, never tiring. As he climbs he carries a string of lights over his shoulder to help decorate your tree. Music plays continuously.

Size: 40" tall


Lights is "OFF".Bad Bulb.Replace with a new bulb.
No movement , lights, or sound.No power.Switch is "off".Make sure adaptor is plugged into a working 120v outlet.Check to see that the adaptor plug is securely inserted into the adaptor jack.Turn the power switch to "on" position.
Music too loud or too soft, or no music.Volume control incorrectly adjusted.Adjust volume control.
Santa does not move but lights are on and music plays.Mechanism obstructed.The up/down control switch in right palm is stuck at the middles position.Remove obstruction and press the "RESET" button once to resume Santa's motion.Slide the switch level either up or down.
White powder on ladder.Friction between hand & ladder.Remove using dry cloth.

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