Show Me The Lights!

Show Me The Lights!

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Voice recognition technology makes turning on your tree lights so much fun, Talk to santa: tell him "Show me the lights" and your tree will light up;or "Goodnight santa at the end of the day and off go the lights. Light your tree as usual, plug into Santa's outlet and then plug santa's lead wire into an outlet. Santa is made of fabric. Available only in North America.

Size: 16" tall


Desired function does not play.Mode selector not in right position.Move mode selector to either "RETRO SONGS" or "AM/FM".
No light, music & motion.No power.

Mode selector is "OFF".
Make sure the adaptor is plugged in the adaptor jack.

Turn the mode selector to the "RETRO SONGS" or "AM/FM" position.
Selected song does not play.Unit needs to be restarted.Turn the mode selector to "OFF" and the to "RETRO SONGS".

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