Santas Marching Band

Santas Marching Band

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Reintroduction of our classic all time best seller. Five figures strike 10 tuned bells to play 15 Christmas carols in four part harmony. The set can be hung on a tree or displayed on a mantle. Battery operated. Optional 6vAC/400 mA adaptor (not included.)

Size: Each Santa figure 5" tall

Clappers include springs and can also be used on Mickey Mouse Marching Band


Clapper not hitting bellClapper not hitting bellGently bend the wire frame that is holding the problem bell forward, while securely holding the vertical wire hanger. IMPORTANT do not move or adjust the figure, clapper or drum in any way.
Music tone muffledMusic muffledCheck for and remove anything touching the bells.
No music or motionNo power Exhausted BatteriesMake sure the batteries are installed properly and aligned with the "+" and "-" polarity as marked inside the battery holder. Push each battery so that the "+" polarity of the battery contacts that end of the battery holder. Replace with new batteries
Bells looseBells looseGently tighten the tiny nut and bolt holdings the bell to the hanger.
No motionObstructionCheck for and remove any obstruction on the figures.

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