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Item #: 60515
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Outdoor projector with cascading holiday images. 10 different slides. Includes 50 watt projector bulb. Adjustable speed. Patent number 6702445. UL listed Outdoor.

Size: Approximately 13 1/2" long; projection image is approximately 45' wide at 30' distance

Case pack 2; Retail gift packaging


Image to big or smallToo close or too farm from surfaceMove closer or further away from surface.
No lightNo powerMake sure adaptor is plugged into a working outlet.Check to see that the adaptor plug is securely inserted into the power jack.
Image too dimImage surface too dark or lightChoose a lighter or white surface for image.
Image not clearFocus incorrectly adjustedMove the focus adjusting rods in or out to focus
Image to big or smallToo close or too far from surfaceMove closer or further away from surface
Image does not rotateMotor power contact dirtyClean the four motor power contacts at both sides of the lens and film assembly and inside the projector housing. For best results us lint free cloth with model train cleaing oil.
Image not uprightLens and firm assembly incorrectly orientedRotate the lens and film assembly by pushing the focus adjusting rods clockwise or counterclockwise for orientation.

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