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Inside a rich dark wood theater with bronze accents, a recreation of the classic holiday ballet set on a four-part stage. A velvet curtain opens and closes between scenes as eight songs from the Nutcracker Ballet are played. Spotlights highlight choreographed dancers and moving props. The stage resets itself to the beginning each time it is turned on. A/C adapter included.

Size: Approximately 11 1/4" tall


Lights are on, curtain opens, but the figures are not moving-Gently turn the figures clockwise or counter-clockwise to start the figures moving
Lights are on, music is playing, but the curtain does not open-The curtain will automatically open after the introduction in finished. Gently puch on the curtain to get it moving.
No light, music and motionNo powerMake sure the adaptor is plugged into a working 120v outlet.Check to see that the adaptor plug is securely inserted into the adaptor jack.Turn the power switch to the "ON" position.
Music too loud or too soft; no music-Adjust the volume control
Lights are on and music is finished, figures are moving, but the curtain does not close-Gently push the curtain towards the middle to get it moving
Lights are on, but no music and no motion-Turn the power switch to the "OFF" position, then back to the "ON" position to re-start the unit playing.

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