Jukebox Rock - Christmas

Jukebox Rock - Christmas

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Adaptor - 6vDC/1300mA $12.00 Add Adaptor - 6vDC/1300mA to Cart
Item #: 79681


A 50s diner style jukebox that plays music sung by the original artists. Push a button to choose one of 12 songs. As the song is sung a different scene is projected behind the twirling dancers.



No music or no light flashing. Motion sensor is not activated. Turn the "Continuous/Off/Presence Activated" switch to Presence Activated and approach the front of the unit.
No music or no light flashing. No power. Make sure the power adaptor is plugged into a working outlet and the power cord jack is properly inserted into the socket on the main stand.
No music or no light flashing. Volume control switch is at the minimum position. Turn the volume control switch to adjust the volume of the music.

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