Christmas Merry Go Round

Christmas Merry Go Round

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This beautifully detailed 8" tall carousel including four horses with Victorian riders who ride up and down as the carousel spins. Eight favorite Christmas carols are played. For indoor use. Operates on 2 AA batteries (not included). Available in the USA only.

Size: 8" tall


Music too loud or too soft, or no music.Volume control incorrectly adjusted.Adjust volume control.
Figures do not move.Mechanism obstructed. Remove obstruction.
No music or motion.Volume control is "OFF".Turn the volume control to "ON" position.
Figures do not move.Mechanism stuck.Gently push the figure to start it moving.
Figures move but no music plays.Unit needs to be restarted.Turn the volume control to the "OFF" position for a few seconds, then return it to the "ON" position.
No music or motion.No power.Make sure the adaptor is plugged into a working outlet. Check to see that the adaptor is plug is securely inserted into the adaptor jack.

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