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Item #: 79734


Animated figures ride this holiday classic train to the tunes of 16 famous Christmas carols and railroad songs. As each song starts, the wheels of the train speed up to the tempo of the music and authentic sound effects. The smokestack blows real smoke and is synchronized with the music. The train is 13" long and includes propylene glycol to create the smoke. A/C adapter included

Size: 13" Long


Music is playing, but no smokeNo smoke fluidRefill the smoke fluid (1-2 drops of fluid only.)
Music is playing, but the big wheels do not turn....Wait for the current song to finish. Wheels will start turning when the next song begins to play.
No music, lights or motionNo powerMake sure the AC adaptor is plugged into a working 12v outlet. Check to see that the adaptor plug is securely inserted into the adaptor jack.
Music is too loud, too soft, or no music...Adjust volume control
Music is playing, but the big wheels and figures do not turn.ObstructionRemove obsrtuction. Slightly turn the big wheels or the figures in a counter-clockwise rotation until they start to move.
Lights are on, but no music and no motion...Wait 1-2 seconds for the next song to start.

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